Monday, 24 June 2013

Dome by Night sold

There must be something in the air. This pastel was painted almost exactly a year ago for the Worthing Open Houses. This morning it was handed over to its new owner. Apparently she was married in the building, so it will bring back some happy memories.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

Last year Worthing Churches Homeless Projects called for artists to paint portraits of up to 500 people they had worked with over the last year. The twist was that you would not see or meet the Client, nor would you be provided with any pictorial reference. Rather you were given a short piece of text, written by the previously homeless person.As an "early adopter" Client 4's details were sent to me. Here is the profile:

 I am 30 year old white, British male. I was going between friends houses sleeping on sofas when I first came into contact with Worthing Churches Homeless Projects. I am attending an anger management course which is supported by my recovery from alcohol and cannabis misuse, things I used previously to keep me calm. I am constantly working towards a healthy lifestyle and play football regularly to keep myself fit. Since working with the project I am able to live independently, work part time and do voluntary work. I have also completed a bike maintenance course so I can service and repair bikes – this gives me a trade to rely upon so that if I cannot find work in future I always have that skill. I am saving up for a house deposit to rent privately at the moment and am really excited about this.

A really fun project to  be involved with. The artists have donated their work, with any sale proceeds going to the Charity. All the work is on display at Offington Park Methodist Church, BN14 7TN for the next 3 weekends as part of the Worthing Open Houses. Do go along and have a look at a quite remarkable project.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Wright's Cafe, Warwick Street, Worthing

This cafe has recently changed ownership, and has now joined the Art Around Town scheme.

The owner, Jane, selected 6 of my paintings to hang there for the next 2 months. Sussex Sunset was one of them.

If you have a chance, do pop along, have a coffee and enjoy the pictures. Free coffee refills from 08 to 10.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Brown elephant

A big thank you goes to Jane Denman, who helped rescue this one.

It was started around a year ago, but lay around untouched because I could not resolve the background. A couple of hours in the drop-in class at Skyblue art classes and it is now complete.

Nelly measures 16" by 12" and is painted in W&N oils on canvas board.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Source of the Levada da Ribiera Grande

This pastel painting was started at this spot on a rather long walk on holiday in Madeira. It was finished on my return home.

It measures approx 9" by 6", and was painted with Conte pastel on Senelier Carte Pastel card.

Sitting in the sunshine with the sound of flowing water, it was a beautiful place to paint. Another walker came up and asked if he could buy it, but it was not finished to a sufficient standard. However, if you are reading this - it is ready now!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Adur Art Trail 2013

For the next two weeks a group of us are exhibiting paintings in a beautiful church in North Lancing, called St James the Less. It is part of the Adur Art Trail.

Today was my turn to act steward, and while we had few visitors, one of those who did turn up bought this painting. It has been around for a while and was painted following my holiday in Oman, staying with friends.