Saturday, 25 September 2010


Back to Life Drawing classes this Thursday. Joe was the only one from last term still there, so we are starting at the beginning again. Judging by these efforts, it's just as well!

The first seems to have turned out best in charcoal. Lots of practice is going to be needed.

Drawings of Members

At Lancing Art Club on Tuesday evening, we drew other members in either charcoal or chalk. These were the two best efforts.

The first is Melita in charcoal, and the second in Mavis in chalk.

PaintersShowcase has just gone live in the US. The URL is .

My gallery can be found at

Let's hope that all the work done in Beta teting pays off!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Church of the holy Trinity Bansko

We had a wonderful time in Bulgaria. The weather was great and the hotel much better than we expected.

This was the only sketch I managed - it is the Holy Trinity church in Bansko. The sticks on the roof are an old stork's nest.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ted's Boat

This was painted during my last outing with the Wednesday morning group at Shoreham on 01 September 2010. It is unfinished, and to be honest we just ran out of steam. I will miss them all.

Crossing the Arun at Bury

I finally finished this piece just before we went away on holiday, and in time for inclusion with my submission for membership of the Art Around Town group. It measures 17" by 12" and is painted with St Petersburg watercolours. The reference is a black and white photograph dating from around 1902.

It was well received by Wet Canvas, and the committee for AAT must have liked it, as I have been accepted. The first batch of paintings are to be hung in Montagues ( a Tex Mex restaurant in Montague Street) from Friday 24 September 2010

South Stack Anglesey

Once again I have fallen behind with my posting to this blog. This was painted during an evening entitled "Rocks and Tissue Paper" at the Art Club on 31 August 2010. It is acrylic and crepe paper on watercolour paper, and measures 12" by 9".

Before we went away on holiday on 09 September we had the sad news that Rita Cooper had died. She was a lovely lady, who made everyone feel very welcome at the Club. She said goodbye to us all that last evening she visited the Club. I will miss her very much.