Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blue Mosque

The session at Art Club last evening was on vignettes. This was painted from my own reference photograph taken in Oman on holiday last year. Jean and I had walked for many miles in the heat down the Corniche in Muscat and we came across this mosque just before we entered the Old Town.

The painting measures approx 35 cms by 28 cms and was painted with St Petersburg paints on Bockingford paper. While it was quite well received at Art Class today, the feeling was that something was missing to "draw us into the picture". Perhaps my memories of a wonderful day work for me.

The "Window on Watercolour" exhibition at Worthing library is approaching fast. It seems that we will have a wall approx 6 m by 2.5 m plus up to 8 paintings on the stairs. Enthusiasm does seem to be mounting, which is great as we will need at least 20 paintings to make this work.
My commitments so far are Coloured Glass on Windowsill, On the Eggs and Cynthia.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

On the eggs

This was painted during an evening session at Art Club entitled "eggs and feathers". The reference was a photograph from the Wet Canvas library.

It was well received at both Art Club and Art Class, so may feature in the forthcoming "Windows on Watercolour" exhibition at the library.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Study for lonely boat

This was painted at Art Class today. The challenge was to compose a painting using the structure of the Golden Mean, and paint a value study. The nest stage is to paint a colour study.

It looks pretty good as it stands IMHO.

Pride and Joy

This one measures approx 25 cms by 30 cms painted on Bockingford paper.

The brief from Art Class for homework was to paint the effect of net curtains on a scene. This is looking out of our bedroom at my beloved XJ8.

It was finished off at Art Club under the topic of wheels.

Broadly the feedback was positive, except that the shadows were too brown.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Net curtains

At art class this morning Roy challenged us to paint net curtains, or rather the light coming through net curtains. He had several photographs as references, and this one was painted on Bockingford paper, measuring approximately 36 by 26 cms.

While it far from finished, the effect is quite pleasing IMHO.

The Offering

This was painted at Art Club, inspired by the demonstration by Sharon Hurst last week. The references were three separate photographs and it is painted with St Petersburg watercolours on Bockingford paper. It measures approximately 40 cms by 30 cms.

The dragon is a bearded lizard!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Coloured glass on windowsill

This was repainted in watercolour, with the intention of using it as the poster for the "Window on Watercolour" exhibition in May.

The decision, on the poster to be used, was deferred last week, so I guess it didn't make the grade.

Let me out to play

I intended this for the exhibition "Window on Watercolur" in May. However, it has given me such trouble - the shadows have been a nightmare.

It measures 40 cms by 30 cms at is painted with St Petersburg watercolours on Arches NOT paper.