Friday, 23 May 2008

Multi-View Still Life

I have decided that I should use this Blog to record the results of my weekly classes. In the main the results are disappointing, although "View in a Teapot" was painted in class. Perhaps it is because I am experimenting more and thrashing about trying to establish what my own style really is.

This was quite a fun exercise. Everybody brought something in from home and it was placed on a centre table, with very little attempt to set up a still life. You then had the opportunity to paint what you wanted, and after approximately 30 mins the table was rotated through 90 degrees and you were able to add to, or overlap, with new items. It was rotated a total of three times.

This is very much in the tutor's style of painting, and I must admit I quite like the composition.

The assignment for the half term is to produce a finished piece based on this study. Lucky I took the digital camera with me!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A shadow of my former self

I selected this from a list of titles for the homwework assignment last week. The image was found in the reference library on WC.

Hopefully, the work on the shadows has improved on this one, with much more colour being used. We'll see how it is received at college tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

House on Sussex Road

This was painted from some sketches completed during class last week. The house overlooks the room that we work in. The weather was so good that we sat outside to sketch. It continues the theme of shadows. It proved to be very difficult to convincingly add the dappled shadows, without ruining a perfectly good painting of the house. In the end I have cropped this 8" by 10" section. It was quite well received at college this week, but I still feel I have an enormous amount to learn about painting shadows.

It turns out that the tutor and I are the only members of the class to have had work accepted for the Worthing Centenary Exhibition, which went down like a lead balloon.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Me and my Shadows

This was one the titles set as the homework assignment last week. It is in danger of being a little too cute, but I have at least tried to explore the shadows in more detail. Let's hope it is not dismissed as frivolous at college tomorrow.

PS I have just found out that "Teapot" aka "View in a Teapot" has been accepted for the Worthing Centenary Open Exhibition and Competition. Something of a surprise, but very pleaseing.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Still life in Blue

This was originally intended as another study in preparation for a bigger, full colour, painting. However, I really like the way that the monochrome works with this one. The lighting through the venetian blinds really makes it for me.

It was even quite well received in class last week.