Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lindy Lou

Another trip out today, this time to the seafront at Worthing. Lindy Lou is the name of this boat.

All painted on site; it is approximately 12" by 8". The usual St Petersburg paints on Bockingford paper.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Amberley Church

Our first trip of the season was to Amberley last Wednesday. The weather was great, but only five of us turned up.

My resolution this year is to try and achieve a completed painting at each location, rather than just a sketch. This followed two sketches and measures approx 12" by 8". St Petersburg paints on Bockingford paper.

Jane 27 June

This was my first "untutored" life drawing session for three hours on a Sunday morning.

It was great fun, and there were some old friends there. Jane was the model.

The first images are three warm up sketches in pencil, charcoal and pen on an A2 sheet of Cartridge paper. The pen one is much better IMHO.

Then we had the best part of two hours, and I tried an acrylic on canvas painting measuring 18" by 14". No pre-drawing, just straight in with the paint and brush. I am very pleased with the effort, and the tutor said it was lovely!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


At the final morning on Wednesday the tutor set us a series of tasks based on a photograph of another member of the group. First we had to draw the eyes, nose and mouth in pen. Then a separate profile of the person, and finally an analysis of the face based on the visible planes.

We then went back to the eyes, nose and mouth and built up a full picture using what we had learnt in the other exercises.

Complicated and the final exercise isn't too bad, but it is not a great likeness.


After a week on holiday it came as quite a shock to return to class this morning. All of these were done on A2 cartridge paper.

The first is a quick 15 min pose in pencil.
The second was another 15 minute pose in pencil, this time trying to represent the model in shapes and curves.
The third was trying to represent the model only in straight lines again 15 minutes, this time in pen.
The fourth was a longer 30 minute pose in charcoal
The last was a 45 minute pose again in charcoal. The thumbnail sketch helped to try and understand this quite challenging pose.

My favourites are 2 and 5.

BTW Great news! Dome Catering Company have replied to my email and agreed to buy the painting of the Dome Cinema. It will hang in the cafe or reception rooms at the Dome.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mother and Baby

The painting was short listed for the WNCA Full of Life Art Competiton. It made it to the final 10, and finished in 6th place. Not a bad result.

Zoe - Week 2

Zoe returned for the second week of the same pose. This time I was let loose on a full body drawing.

The first is in charcoal and the second in Conte pastel. Definitley much more difficult this time, and the feet and legs are not right in either version.

Part of the aim was to vary the quality of the line to emphasise areas of stress or importance. Not convinced that was achieved.

Three Apples

This was painted during our final Art Club evening before the summer break. The theme was still life in oil. It measures 34 cms by 24 cms, and is painted with W&N oils on canvas.

Several people seemed surprised at how much was achieved in around 80 minutes. Luckily they seemed to like it.