Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Winter in Austria

The Jan 2008 Invitation to Paint on Wet Canvas involved some excellent snow scenes of Graz, Austria. This is composed using the foreground of one, the background from another and an image of some kids playing in the snow. The closer figure looks as if he is doing the hokey cokey!

This will be the last post for a while as we are off to New Zealand for 3 weeks on Saturday. Hopefully, there will some paintings to post when I return.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Mount Cook

This was completed today and based on the palette used in #4 in the Colours of Winter series.

It measures approx 32 cms by 22 cms on Bockingford paper. I am pleased with the feeling of distance but hate the hard line in those graduated washes. I may try and fix those.

Colours of Winter

I've been very naughty and failed to keep this blog up to date.

The assignment over the Christmas/New Year break was "Have a look at how artists use colour in winter scenes, from old and modern artists, particularly Monet. Do your own observations of wintry visual matter and make your own studies or piece of work."

Here I have painted the same scene in different palettes. #1 is how I would have approached this. #2 and #3 are after looking at several of Monet's paintings, particularly his studies of haystacks in different lights and in different seasons. #4 is influenced by a painting by Diana Moses Botkin I found on the Internet.

The general view is that #3 and #4 are best. The next stage is to paint a different scene using one of the selected palettes.