Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Roy (tutor) extracted this from an exercise I had done last year on some cheap lining paper.

It is only 6" by 6" but really works quite well.

Ruin at Ballyplymoth

We had a smashing time in Ireland. This was the view from our bedroom window. Later in the week the weather improved and more mountains appeared out of the mist!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mangerton Shed

This was the September Challenge on Wet Canvas. The rusty old shed was lots of fun. The foreground was not included in the reference photograph, but was added to balance the composition.

This will be the last post for a week ot two, as we are off to Southern Ireland for a week.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Stanmer Park

Only three of us made it to the last painting trip out of the "summer". This is part of the church that I last painted in 2007.

Not great, but there is a nice sense of light hitting the face of the church. The sky was not really that blue,but I was bored of painting grey, overcast skies.

Classes start again next week, but I shall miss the first one as I am on holiday in Ireland.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

View from Kingston Churchyard

This has been hanging around for over a week, waiting for me to finish the foreground. On Wed 27 August only three of us made it to Kingston church. The weather was overcast and the church was covered in scaffolding and plastic sheet. We all found it very difficult to get going, but this view from the corner of the churchyard caught my eye.

Over 75% was painted before we left, but the foreground was actually a 6 foot high brick wall across the whole scene, just behind the red trees. After much thought I came up with this "improvement". The prespective of the barn is a bit strained but as a composition it seems to succeed.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rackham sands

Only four of us made the trip out to Rackham yesterday. It is a small hamlet near Amberley and the weather was kind to us.

This bank/cliff of sand is opposite the Old School House. It is naturally occuring and the weather and the local children have worn the most wonderful shapes into it. The sun, when it came out, revealed these great colours. It has turned out to be almost an abstract. It was quite well-received by my companions, but I'm still not sure about it. BTW the "eye" really was there.


"View in a Teapot" was sold during the Worthing Open. None of my friends or family will own up to having bought it, so I guess that is another milestone achieved.