Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The task at Art Club last night was to paint a musician. This man was an inspiration to me, as I struggled as an 11 year old to master the fiendishly difficult classical guitar. Segovia seemed effortlessly to make that instrument sing. Long before Hendrix, Clapton et al he was my original guitar hero.

This was drawn with charcoal and conte pastel on coloured W&N paper. Not a bad likeness, and it brought back some super memories.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The final lesson of the third term of my life drawing course was a personal response to the model. Cristella was the model - we have seen Cristella once before.

The piece was a pretty drastic crop of the pose, using a viewfinder. It was finished in hard and soft Conte pastel in approximately 45 minutes. It measures around 12" by 20" on coloured (leather) W&N pastel paper.

As a final piece, I am pretty pleased with it.

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Wave

This painting was started at Art Club on 08 March. The aim was to apply the techniques demonstrated by Stephen Foster at the previous week's demo, i.e. oil on board applied solely with a palette knife and without mixing the paints on the palette.

It measures 16" by 20" and as a painting it achieved my objectives. However, the terrible events in Japan that followed , make it inapproporiate to exhibit or sell this picture at the moment.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ken - 15 March 2011

For the penultimate lesson of the term, Ken was again the model. During a number of warm up sketches, Ken wore the infamous muslin tube, and the second image is the best of my attempts in Conte crayon.

Ken then posed for around 40 minutes and we painted him in acrylic on an A2 sheet. It would have been great to have longer to further develop this, but the back is pretty good IMHO.

Francesca _ 13 March 2011

The second Sunday morning session of the year, and the change of format resulted in a series of shorter poses. Both of these were drawn in a period of around 20 minutes each. Both are drawn with Conte pastel on W&N coloured pastel paper.

Francesca is very beautiful, and I hope that these do her justice.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tony 03 March 2011

A rather disappointing session. It started quite well, using ink and various "implements" to apply it. This was a pencil drawing, with added wax resist, and then inked with a stick and sponge.

The final pose was a disaster. I simply did not cope with the drastic forshortening, and never reached the stage of adding watercolour!