Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gathering shells

This was painted for a homework assignment on "figures in painting showing movement". It measures 8" by 12" and was painted with St Petersburg paints on Arches NOT paper.

It was rather better received at class than it was on Wet Canvas.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Red Wine for Two

Another of Roy's titles for the Easter holidays was "Seen from above". Combining this with "Shadowdance" produced this still life. It measures 16" by 12" and is painted in St Petersburg watercolur paints on Hahnemuhle Andalucia Rough paper. A little diluted Gum Arabic was used to liven up the glass and the surface of the wine, as the paint dried very flat on this paper.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pencil Shavings

This measures approximately 31 cms by 21 cms. The paints are as usual St Petersburg White Nights watercolours, but the paper is Hahnemuhle Andalucia Rough.

One of the titles set by the tutor for the Easter break was "Shadowdance". The sun was unusually shining and late in the day it slanted at a very low angle into the conservatory. Sharpening a few different coloured pencils onto a sheet of white paper allowed this composition.

I have tried really hard with the shadows here, dropping colours into the still wet wash to try and make them more interesting. Also transparent or semi-transparent paints have been used to try and avoid the mud.

It has been very well received on Wet Canvas; let's hope it is well received at Art Class on 21 April.